When and where will I be able to watch Kink?

I would most def NOT visit def not a site for the film you’re talking about!!

Actually, it’s a documentary made about, the armory, the models, the directors, producers and the porn itself.

Thank you for the warning and the concern though, I appreciate it.

That’s is cool!!! I’d def watch the doc!!!thanks for clearing that up!!

I don’t know if I recked it but sometimes I need answers even if I know them sometimes my own mental illness won’t let me be happy no matter what and I’ve tries explaining that to him but he just keeps saying “it’s your brain you can control it” NO I CANT THATS THE POINT!! Or “come on cheer up, you have nothing to be sad about” then the night I want to open up about my fears insecurity and paranoia he gets really high and doesn’t bother talking to me until the next day when he asks me what I wanted to talk about well guess what ITS TOO FUCKING LATE NOW I DONT WANT TO TALK TO SOMEONE WHO DOESNT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT MY MENTAL STABILITY ENOUGH TO GET BLASTED OUT OF HIS FUCKING TREE.

There’s now that that’s off my chest lets deal with the whole we’re married but he won’t move in with me because I’m too messy yet organized enough to keep his medical meetings and appointments in check started saving for paralegal school and started working on my citizenship yet the one flaw that I still haven’t been able to fix is the one thing why man won’t move in with wife….yeah that’s mature!!!